Indoor LED Signs 7x80 Pixels Video

7×80 Pixels
1.can be displayed in English, the number and variety of Owen character, can display time, date, system image and self-image, the system symbols, and simple animation.
2.can store 99 messages.
3.supports seven kinds of fonts, including the body, bold, and wide body; also supports 66 special characters. 25 kinds of display information the way (circle upward, downward and immediately shifted to the right, left ….), The speed can be set to 8
5.with 7,000 characters of storage.
6.can set timer switch.
7.built-in real time function, can display 12-hour or 24 hour time in real time. the 30 default images, such as: telephone, car, clock, rocket, and so on. for password protected.
10.can send messages or computer with a remote control to edit the information, but also computer and network communications over strip screen
11.Size: 66cm * 3.5cm * 9.8cm