Software Selection
Color no gray
4032 x128 line, 2,048 x256 or 1,024 x512 row row (field frequency of 60Hz)
2048 x128 line, 1 024 512 x512 x256 row or rows (field frequency 120Hz)
Tri-color no gray
1024 x256 row (field frequency 120Hz)

Software selection. Compatible with 16 sweep, 1 / 8 scan, 1 / 4 scan, 1 / 2 sweep and static, 31 automatic or manual brightness adjustment, can reduce the scanning software,select and adjust the clock frequency scanning clock duty cycle, more compatible with different designs display

Maximum of three can be arbitrarily divided into the play area to support Flash animation, BMP, JPG picture, WORD documents, RFT text and TEXT text, 15 types of animation effects, anywhere in the calendar and counting down the number of fonts in support of a number of times all over the world can be manage up to 100 sets of programs, may designate any one to play, infrared remote control options to support programs, switch matrix screen power supply, adjust the brightness

Storage space
Basic configuration 4MB of FLASH disk and 4MBRAM plate, 8M font storage space (using secondary development)

Screen power control port, temperature, humidity, light collection port, 2 serial ports (SCL2008-C, 1 个 RS232, 1 个 RS485/RS422, for the external noise, air pollution and other data acquisition device) or a network port 1 a serial port (SCL2008-N)

Dedicated 16-bit CPU.

Operating system
Completely independent multi-process research and development of high-specific operating system, storage space using FAT16 file management

Extensive secondary development support
Secondary development of the need to provide all the functions and detailed programmers manual, in the case of secondary development, support different fonts, multiple font sizes, adjust the text color can be in the local area in Zidong layout.

SCL2008 Software : Download

SuperComm Engineer Manual : Download

SupperComm User Manual : Download

SCL2008 Engineer Manual : Download

SCL Programmer Manual : Download

SCL Protocol : Download
scl2008 software

scl2008 controller

scl2008 controller