About Us
Perfecto Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech service-oriented enterprise dedicated to LED Display applications and solutions research,development, manufacture and supply. Perfecto Strives to be a household name for domestic and international market . In just a few years, Perfecto has progressed to service-orient filed leader in LED advertisement , Indoor LED displays ,Outdoor Led display and LED Signs by excelling in advanced Technology and by attracting top-rank talents in LED Display field.

Perfecto wants to Share a bright future with you !!

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Tel: 86-755-36956680 Email: Skype: Perfectoled

Featured Products:

Outdoor LED Displays

Outdoor LED Displays is using for Outdoor Advertising,TV ,Football ground,LED Billboards ,Stadium .

Indoor LED Displays

Indoor LED Displays is using for Banking,Exchange stock,KTV bar,Conference Hall,Shops .

LED Signs

LED Signs & Electronic Signs is using for Tax Messages ,Shops,Ticket ,and Prices boards.